School Managing Committee Information


   Solan Public School, Solan
    List of members of Management Committee: Academic Year 2021-22  
    Sr. No.              Name Father's Name /Spouse Name  Designation Adhaar number  Contact No.  
    1.        Mr B. Prabhakaran F.  Sh. Balasubaramanian Chairman Adh no. 765306424723 8988809999  
    2.        Ms Preetee Parveen Kumar F.  Dr. M.M.kausahl Manager Adh no. 473319349148 9676750202  
    3.       Ms Anjali Razdan S. Mr. Sumant Kumar Razdan Educationist Adh no. 311181800822 9701671672  
    4.        Dr Inder Singh S. Sh. Led Ram Educationist  Adh no. 326124832319 8091733078  
    5.        Mr T.D. Verma F. Sh Tulsi ram Verma Educationist Adh no. 301072576006 9418489742  
    6.        Mr Jageshwar F. Sh.Shrikrishna Educationist (KV Principal) Adh no. 419079472449 9418147062  
    7        Ms Sunita Sharma Dr S S Sharma Educationist  Adh no. 461631171754 9418740841  
    8        Mr Vipender Kalta F. Late. Sh Panna lal Kalta Educationist (Govt. School Principal  Adh no. 888814631289 7018793303  
    9.    Ms Anita Kaushal S. S.K.Kaushal Educationist (Govt. School Principal  Adh no. 776633667279 9418491701  
    10 Mrs Sanju Negi S. Sh. Pawan Negi Parent Adh no. 330362134229 8894429076  
    11 Mr Premlal S. Mr Roop Ram Sharma Parent Adh no. 578855055197 9418063154  
    12 Ms Meenakshi Devi S. Munish Patial Teacher Adh no. 511635663024 7018628692  
    13 Ms Sonika Devi S. Dr Abhay Dahiya Teacher Adh no. 594884258015 9459593098  
    14 Mr Rohit Gupta F. Mr. Pawan Gupta Social workers Adh no. 307495602475 9418750000  
    15 Mr Bharat Sahni  S. Mr Sita Ram Sahni Social workers Adh no. 4348756885 9805000243  
    16 Ms Avantika Sharma S. Mr Sidharth Sharma Principal Ex officio  Adh no. 721422884606 8988803999  



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